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What Are The Steps To Get The Command Line On MacBook?


Windows are the most common and available operating system in the world. But Mac is also no way lacking behind and gaining a considerable traction. MacOS has several advantages that make it snobby to Windows and other operating systems. It is safe if compared to windows so, users feel secure while working on a MacBook. Moreover, its hardware specifications are designed for multitasking and the overall operation is smooth and responsive. This blog will make you learn how to open the Terminal application in macOS in three different ways, so that a user can access to the Unix part of Mac to easily manage files, edit settings and run scripts using text commands.

The instructions are as follows:

Using Spotlight
1. Select the spotlight icon or magnifying glass at the top-right corner of the screen. Or press Command + Space key simultaneously on the keyboard.
2. Now, type terminal into the search box. The results will show Terminal in the list.
3. Make a double-click on Terminal to launch the command prompt.
Using finder
1. Locate and open Finder. It’s a smiling face icon located at the bottom of the screen.
2. Now, go to Applications from the left side pane. If the option is not found then click Go at the top of the screen and then select Applications.
3. Find Utilities options on the page. If not found, scroll down the page and then locate Utilities.
4. Now, double-click the Terminal. It will launch to the command prompt now.
Using Launchpad
1. Open Launchpad on the desktop by pressing F4 key or by just clicking on the application.
2. Now, go to Other folder and click Terminal to launch to the command prompt.

So, these were the few ways to get to the command line on a Mac. If need further help contact Apple Support Ireland Number +353-766803285 to get most possible solution to the query. By contacting at this toll-free number you will be redirected to our dedicated executives who will instantly solve your problem. Our experts help the user in dealing the problems related to the computer whether it’s a technical or non-technical. So, grab the services now!


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